sponsorshipOur Club was founded on the principle that all competitive soccer playing children, regardless of their family’s economic situation, deserve the opportunity to have FUN playing the beautiful game of soccer at the appropriate competitive level. Our Club’s core belief is that all decisions made by the Club should place the children’s best interests first, with NO exceptions!

Our presence in the local community is expanding rapidly: we currently have officially (per US Club) 170 players and 10 teams . All teams are required to have a minimum of 10 scholarships. We face significant cost challenges in the areas of uniforms, fields, league fees and referees.

Our Board is comprised of soccer people, not fundraisers. We are actively seeking to partner with businesses that share our philosophy about the children. We intend any sponsorship to be mutually beneficial. Attached is a document that gives an overview of our sponsorships. We are open for discussion in all areas and would be interested in hearing your ideas.

Santa Cruz County FC Revolution Sponsorship Levels

$100 – $250: We will post your company banner and/or link on our team website

$500: We will make a team banner that we will display at our games with our team logo and your business logo. And post your logo and banner on our website.

$1000:  We will have a small logo to put on each player jersey sleeve. And post your logo on our team banner which is displayed our games. And post your logo and banner on our website.

$1250:  We will have practice T-shirts made with our logo on the front, number on the back with your business logo on top of the number. The kids will also be wearing these outside of the practice field and parents, too.

$1500:  We will have a large logo posted on the front of each player jersey. Plus, post your logo and banner on our website.

We currently have 9 teams which will participate in these various sponsorship levels.

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