About Us

kids-on-fieldSanta Cruz County FC Revolution is a year-round premier soccer club primarily founded to serve low income families unable to afford the costs of playing for competitive travel soccer clubs. Every year hundreds of these talented and motivated kids, a few of which are high at-risk, are overlooked and fall through the cracks in our county. Our club provides these kids with a healthy environment and hands-on coaches who are positive role models, giving them an opportunity to play competitive soccer year round at little or no cost.

Promotes Well-Rounded, Healthy Players

girls-on-chairsIn addition, our club attracts talented players who may not fit the rigid systems of other premier soccer clubs, offering an attractive option to play high level youth soccer in Santa Cruz County. While maintaining high training and behavior standards for all our players, participating families are encouraged to pursue a full range of activities for their child, promoting a well rounded, healthy individual.

All of Santa Cruz County FC Revolution’s licensed coaches and league officials are volunteers with decades of playing and coaching experience. Our highest priority is the child’s mental and physical well being. We believe our system of development preserves the joy of play while competing at the highest levels. Having committed and experienced volunteer coaches means less pressure on win or loss records and more emphasis on individual player development. Playing soccer is all about having FUN.


Santa CruzCounty FC Revolution is about Family and Community.

The love of soccer is the common denominator, bringing families together in the community from diverse social, spiritual, ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. Through the beautiful game of soccer, members in our community (kids and parents) socialize, work and play together in a positive, healthy way.
Santa Cruz County FC Revolution is a member of U.S. Club Soccer and currently competes in the NorCal Premier Soccer League.

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